At Thrive, that's where we start.

Your routine tax compliance jobs get sorted quickly, so we can focus on more important things – the things that will move you towards your goals.

A business that supports your goals

We’ve helped some clients achieve astronomical growth in their business. Others are desperate to get back to a business that makes them spring out of bed, or one that will give them more time to be available for family or pursue other passions.

Whatever your goal, we can help position your business so that it gets you there faster.

The expertise you need

We do that by applying our expertise to whatever your business needs – widening your networks, helping you seize opportunities, planning for the future or improving your processes. You’ll also have an expert on call for advice on budgets, forecasts and tricky financial decisions.

Tailored packages – no bill shocks

With a tailored package, you’ll pay a simple monthly fee that covers everything you need, including your end-of-year accounts. That way there are no bill shocks come tax-return time.

We’re based in Auckland, but we work with business people all over the world – click here to get in touch.

Karen really understands what motivates me and what I want to achieve, not just in my business but in my personal life too and we have adjusted the way my business functions to make the business work for me, rather than me working for the business.
— Mary MacGregor-Reid, Black Robin Design

accounting that grows your goals - our promise

Backed by leading-edge accounting and planning tools, we use our expertise to deliver exceptional service at a cost-effective standard. That’s about taking a tailored approach so we understand your business and your goals, and can help you spot issues and opportunities early.

We start by asking two questions: What are you looking to achieve? What is the value of achieving that?

Depending on what you need, we work with clients in 3 key ways:


We get to know the numbers that matter for your business and your goals, and bring them to life in a way you understand.


With an annual operating plan, you’ll have clear and practical 90-day and monthly objectives. This creates focus and we build in accountability so stuff gets done.


This is about building a business that delivers on your definition of success. That starts by taking your annual operating plan to the next level, with more detailed strategies to achieve your goals: grow your business, improve your sales and cash flow, free up your time, implement new technology or increase your wealth.