Paul Woller

Business Manager



+64 21 612 524




Business Manager Paul is another early riser who subscribes to the ‘Big Rocks’ principle — he takes time to plan his day, scheduling his highest priority tasks (the big rocks) to optimal times, and fitting the lower priority tasks around them (the smaller rocks and pebbles).

Paul’s role encompasses high-level tasks such as book-keeping, client software training and IT support, but he’s also no stranger to opening the post and washing the coffee cups. Paul says he loves his work because: “Every day I get to work with people who both challenge me and make me happy.”

Despite his capable nature and challenging role at Thrive, in his spare time Paul loves to regress to his childhood and play video games. “My guiltiest pleasure is beating teenagers in online video games, despite being classed as ‘too old for that sort of thing’!” he says.

Back in the real world, Paul also adores fast cars. “Performance cars are a passion,” he says. “My family has a history of racing anything on wheels (cars or motorbikes).”

But that doesn’t mean he’s in a hurry. Paul and wife Karen have a clear set of goals in their personal and professional lives, with an end goal of having the ability to choose more leisure time over work time.

“I want to get to the point where I have freedom of choice in my life for things that matter,” he says.