Support, advice, and expertise

Protecting your assets, avoiding tax issues, and providing for your family’s future are all good reasons for establishing a trust. But without a sound understanding of trusts and the associated legal issues, ongoing administration can be complicated.

Working with a professional trustee gives you expert guidance and ongoing support to ensure that your trust delivers on your expectations and meets legal requirements. It’s about making the most of your assets for you and your family.   

Avoiding issues, finding opportunities

Although an untrained trustee can manage a trust adequately, they’re unlikely to have the knowledge or experience needed to maximise the potential benefits. Having a professional trustee on board ensures that no opportunity is missed.

Because we’re experts, we know how to structure a trust to meet legal requirements and prevent issues in the future. We can identify risks before they arise, and find opportunities to minimise taxes and penalties, so your beneficiaries don’t lose out.

We will work through major decisions with you to ensure you know the risks and potential financial impact on your beneficiaries before you move forward. If there’s conflict among trustees or family members, we can also step in as an independent mediator to help you resolve it. 

Simplifying complex issues

No matter how well-designed your trust is, you can run into complex issues with legal requirements and tax obligations. Using a professional trustee gives you the expert insight you need to avoid problems and make the most of your assets.  

Before starting work as a trustee, we’ll take you through the review process to make sure your trust is structured to meet your needs. We’ll meet with you and discuss your wishes, so we can work to meet your goals.

On the practical side, we’ll also make sure you meet legal obligations, keep up with changes to legislation, hold dedicated annual meetings, and will find a replacement trustee if you are unable to fulfil your duties.

It’s about keeping your trust running smoothly, no matter what.

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