Put your trust in our hands

If you’re relying on a trust to preserve your business or family legacy, make sure it’s up to the job with Thrive CA’s trust review service.

Family trusts are supposed to protect your assets and safeguard your family’s future – but they can’t do that if they’re poorly designed or out-of-date. Without robust trust documents, your family or business could face legal challenges or financial losses on your death, or if relationships break down.

A well-designed trust helps you and your family transfer property and other assets without losing money to taxes; protects you from family or relationship claims; helps fulfil your business succession plan; and lets you maximise the value of your assets at every stage.

Building a trust you can trust

If you have a family business or extensive property assets, a trust can help maximise value for you and future generations. It can minimise your exposure to taxes – particularly capital gains tax – so future generations get the most benefit from your years of hard work.

Because trusts can lay out a succession plan, they’re also valuable for those with family businesses. 

But your trust isn’t something you can simply set and forget. Trust deeds are living documents that need to adapt to changes in your family or business, and wider changes in legislation. If you don’t keep your trust up-to-date, it could end up being challenged in court, or simply failing to deliver the benefits you’re looking for.

That’s why we recommend a regular trust review for all our clients. Having an expert look over and update your trust documents ensures that your trust will deliver on your wishes, no matter how much your circumstances change.

Assess, adapt, advise

An independent assessment of your trust set-up is about making sure you’re set up for the future, but it can also help you find new ways to maximise your assets.

During your review, we’ll talk to you to find out exactly what you want your trust to deliver. Then, we’ll look over your trust deed, will, and any other relevant documentation. From there, we can make recommendations about restructuring your trust or accelerating your gifting programme, identify missed tax opportunities, and ensure your documents meet current legal requirements. We’ll identify any areas of concern or potential risk factors, then pass all recommendations to your lawyer.  If you’re running a business, we’ll also look over your succession planning documents and make sure your trust meets the objectives laid out there.

It’s all about making sure your trust is set up to deliver on your wishes and avoid losses – giving you and your family peace of mind.

Keen to update your trust? Get in touch to book a review.