Practical ways to boost profits

Providing a valuable service or product is one thing, selling that service or product is another.

Value Based Sales training helps you refine your selling process and boost sales, so all the time spent developing your offering doesn’t go to waste.  

During training sessions, we’ll look at your current sales process, coach you through more effective sales techniques, and help you write value-based proposals for prospective clients. It’s about giving you the practical skills and strategies you need to sell your business.

Their value, your profit

If the profit you’re making doesn’t match the value clients are getting, you’re giving your work away for free. Value-based selling helps you establish exactly how much your product or service is worth, so you can price accurately and – more importantly – market your business more effectively. Getting potential customers to understand the value you’re adding is just as important as the work you do.

It’s also about efficiency and clarity. Defining a set process for sales helps you and your team deliver consistent service, giving your clients confidence in your business. Clarity around pricing, sales processes and timelines can also mean fewer complaints or disputed payments after you’ve completed work. 

With value-based selling skills, you can often increase sales and boost conversions without spending more time on sales – it’s about the quality of your sales strategies, not the quantity. Changing sales processes, sales terms, and profit margins can make a huge difference to your overall success.

From quotes, to proposals, to sales strategies

Thrive CA is all about expert support and measurable results – our Value based coaching is no different. The sessions are designed to give you practical skills and information that you can implement in your business immediately.

During your first meeting, you’ll see a successful selling presentation from one of our experts, then review your current sales process with their help. Over the following weeks, we’ll help you understand the value your business delivers and show you how to communicate that value to customers; give you powerful sales techniques to help increase conversion rates; and take you through the nine steps of successful proposal writing. We’ll also help you set sales goals and keep you accountable as you implement them. When your coaching sessions are over, we’ll give you a guide to Value-based selling to help keep you moving, and act as a sounding board for future sales ideas and issues.

It’s about giving you confidence in the value of your product or service – and the skills to sell it for what it’s worth.

Want to streamline your sales process and boost profits? Get in touch now.