Financial expertise without the expense  

Every business needs someone to manage accounting, provide financial oversight, and offer strategic advice. But for many small and medium organisations, hiring a dedicated CFO simply isn’t in the budget. That’s where Thrive CA’s virtual CFO service comes in.

Your business is matched with an experienced person to manage your day-to-day accounting functions, improve financial processes and systems, and offer advice around cash flow and profitability. They can also act as a sounding board for major decisions or issues as they arise.

It’s convenient, regular access to high-level financial expertise and oversight, without the expense.

Services to suit

Every business has its own unique needs. The Virtual CFO service can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, and tweaked as your situation changes.

If you need support with your day-to-day financial management, one of our experts can come on board to take over your accounts functions, including bank reconciliations, billing and payroll, tax returns, and regular reporting.

For businesses struggling with internal financial processes, we can also act as a link between your accounting and business management teams. In these cases, we would ensure that processes are followed and transactions are managed appropriately, help you interpret business results and make decisions, and prepare simple, functional reports for management.

Insight and improvement

Access to a Virtual CFO makes the day-to-day management of your accounts run smoothly, but it can also do more for your business. Because we’re finance experts, we provide valuable insight into the financial – and general – challenges facing your business.

Having that insight on hand can help you find ways to improve cash flow, introduce more efficient processes, set budgets and manage debt, and even resolve business disputes. You’ll also benefit from high-level strategic thinking to help you with business planning and goal setting – financial and otherwise.

Although your Virtual CFO won’t be on-site every day, they’ll have regular meetings with your management team, and will be available by phone or email. It’s about giving you access to practical knowledge and high-level insight, whenever you need it.

Need a CFO without the expense? Talk to the Thrive CA team now.