Goals, support, accountability – and success

Running your own business can be tough – and lonely. When you’re the one responsible for day to day decision-making, it’s easy to get bogged down in the small stuff and forget the big picture.

That’s where quarterly business coaching comes in. This service is designed to help you set goals, and stay on track as you work towards them. Our expert advisory team can help you develop an action plan for your business goals, and create new strategies to overcome performance issues and business challenges. We also act as an independent voice when you need an outside opinion.

Carving out space for decision making

Most business owners want to improve their business and achieve their goals, but struggle to find time to dedicate to the task. Quarterly coaching lets you carve out specific time for goal-setting and accountability.

You’ll meet with one of our senior advisers four times a year. During your first session, we’ll look at your overall business plan and help you develop realistic actions for the next 90 days. The following meetings focus on reviewing your results, clarifying areas that need improvement, and identifying strategies to achieve your ongoing goals.

Between quarterly meetings, we offer phone and email support, so you can reach out to our expert team if you need help with a particular challenge.

Supporting your business strategy

A strong business plan guides your decision-making in all areas – operations, hiring, goal setting, and financial management. Coaching works best if you come in with a good business plan, but we can help you develop or refine yours if necessary. It’s about doing whatever it takes to help you work toward goals and achieve your dreams for your business.

We’re passionate about helping business owners set goals, stay accountable, and ultimately improve their business performance. If you’re the same, then quarterly coaching is for you.

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