Structured for success

When you’re a small business owner, you naturally wear lots of different hats – from manager, to salesperson, to accountant and de facto IT person. It’s great to have different skills, but too many roles can take up too much of your time, and make your business less effective. Clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and daily tasks make it easier for your team to do their jobs – and take some of the work off your plate.

Thrive CA’s Organisational Review service structures your business for efficiency and success. We can help you define your departments and functions, create an organisation chart to clarify key tasks and responsibilities, and write job descriptions for each role.

Whether you’re big or small, an Organisational Review is a great way to delve into the workings of your business – and set yourself up for future growth.

Sustainable, scalable, saleable

A business with a clearly defined hierarchy and structure isn’t just easier to manage, it’s also better for your team. People thrive when they have a set role and clear responsibilities – if you don’t know what’s expected, you’re more likely to leave tasks to others or make the wrong calls.

Even if your business is small, defining the various departments and roles is valuable. It will you make things easier for your current staff, and any future team members will get up to speed faster. A well-designed organisational chart also sets you up for future growth – you’ll be able to see where people are needed, slot new hires into existing departments, and know that tasks will be completed in every area.

Although your clients and customers won’t necessarily see the inner workings of your business, an organisational review benefits them too. They’ll know exactly who to contact if they need help, and will appreciate the improved efficiency and service too.

Review, define, visualise

Sessions start with an in-depth review of your current business structure, if you have one. We’ll delve into the day-to-day tasks, look at wider long-term responsibilities, and examine who is currently completing those jobs. We’ll talk you through the fundamentals of organisational structure, and look for weaknesses – places where work is falling through the cracks, where certain staff members are overstretched, or where responsibilities are shared.

Once we’ve sketched out a structure for the existing business, we can look at ways to maximise. This may mean increasing responsibilities for some team members, changing roles for others, hiring new people to fill gaps, or outsourcing some tasks. It’s about finding the most cost-effective, least time-consuming ways to get the job done, so you can focus on revenue generating and growing the business.

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