We're changing - Introducing Thrive CA

We're changing - Introducing Thrive CA

As often happens at the start of a new business, things get done in a hurry. We were focused on getting up and running, and figured our brand would be something we could think about later – but later never happened. We got busy – really busy! So, it’s only now, seven years later, that we can come up for air and think again about what this business and brand are really about.

We’ve crystalised the value we offer to clients, and our name is changing to suit. Our definition of success is when we help you do what you want, when you want, in a manner or style you want, with whom you want. In short, when we help you thrive.

That starts with helping you clarify what you want, and then working with you to achieve it.

Our change over to Thrive CA Ltd comes into effect on March 5, 2018, with all-new digital homes:

  •  www.thrive.nz
  • @Thrive_NZ (Twitter)
  • @ThriveCA.NZ (Facebook)
  • Thrive CA Ltd (Linkedin)

Please connect with us on these new social profiles, to keep up to date with more exciting news.