Peace of mind for the worst of times

Difficult as it may be, it’s important to think about death or serious injury before it happens. Life and income protection insurance are there to protect your family if the worst happens, but they’re not the only things you need to put in order.

If something happened to you, would your family be able to find and access all your essential documentation? Insurance policies, wills, home and vehicle ownership papers, funeral wishes, passwords, even household service contracts – without these documents, sorting out the details after your death could be difficult.

Thrive CA’s Life Organiser service solves this problem by collating all your key documents, then securely storing them. It’s about making things easier at a difficult time.

Minimising stress for your loved ones

No matter how simple you think your affairs are, they can be complicated for someone else to work out when you’re gone. Without log-in details for bank accounts or services, your loved ones could struggle to keep the household running. Without documentation of vehicle or home ownership, they could find it difficult to update registrations or mortgages. If you run a business or have investments, things get even more complicated.

Keeping all relevant documentation in one place means your family only has to jump one hurdle before they have all the information they need. This minimises stress at an already stressful time, and can help them avoid financial penalties or costs associated with tracking down your details.

Putting your life in order

Having all your key information in one place is invaluable after your death, but it can also be helpful while you’re still around. Fires, burglaries, floods, and other disasters can all lead to the loss of important documents, and having a secure back-up copy can be a lifesaver. It can even help if you simply mislay or lose something important. 

The Life Organiser keeps all your documents safe, secure, and accessible. The Thrive CA team works with you to collate all the information you need, stores it on site, and gives you a physical copy for your records. With your help, we can also check through your documents regularly to ensure they’re up-to-date.

Accessible when you need it

When you or your loved ones need to access your Life Organiser, get in touch and we’ll send copies through – as long as we’re confident we’re dealing with the right person. It’s about making things as easy and straightforward as possible, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Ready to get your life organised? Talk to the Thrive CA team today.