Getting to the heart of your business

The core values of your business guide your decision making and shape your culture. They help inform the way you interact with clients and other team members, guide decision making, and differentiate your business from competitors. But to be useful, they have to be authentic – you can’t just find a list on the internet.

Although values come from within the business, it’s useful to have external support to help articulate and clarify them. That’s where Thrive CA’s Core Values service comes in. We act as a neutral facilitator and expert advisor, helping you and your team define authentic, effective set of values to underpin your business.

Shared values, shared goals

Defining your Core Values helps you create a strong foundation for you and your team. If your values include sustainability, for example, choosing a supplier would involve looking at where their materials are sourced, how their products are manufactured and transported, and how they’re packaged. It could inform decisions about anything from business travel, to office supplies. This value could also come across in your marketing and packaging, and help you stand out among others in the industry.

If you’re frustrated by a lack of agreement and alignment within your team, developing shared values can help. Getting the entire team involved means you’re not just imposing your own values onto others, but finding common principles and ideals that fit the business. Once they’re defined and communicated, your core values help set the tone for your team’s behaviour and decision making at work.

Develop, define, discuss

Core Values workshops start with a brainstorm to help you identify the values most important to your business. From there, we’ll help you whittle your list down to a maximum of five values, and develop a succinct definition for each one. We’ll also look at strategies to announce your values, display them in your workplace, and get your team on board.

Setting Core Values can be particularly useful if you’ve had conflict between team members, or a lack of consistency in your service. Making your newly defined values crystal clear makes everyone aware of expectations, reducing disputes and improving service.

But it’s not just about the day-to-day. You also get an invaluable framework for big picture business decisions, so you can make choices that align with your values as you move forward.

Need help defining your Core Values? Find out more about Thrive CA’s workshops now.