Strong from the start

Structuring your finances is just one of the critical – and complicated – elements involved in starting a new business. If you don’t set up a strong structure from the beginning, you could run into tax issues, cashflow problems, or fail to use your income effectively. With an appropriate structure in place, you can focus on building your business without worrying about the finance side of things.

Thrive CA’s Business Structuring service is designed to help you sort out your finances when you’re starting out, but it’s also a useful way for established businesses to keep on top of their financial obligations.

No matter what stage you’re in, a thorough, expert review of your business structure is the best way to stay in good financial shape.

Avoiding issues, protecting interests

When you’re starting out in business, you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why it’s so easy to run into unforeseen issues with your finances – tax obligations, IRD registrations, ACC classifications and other requirements can be missed if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But avoiding potential problems isn’t the only goal of our Business Structuring service. It’s also about protecting your assets, identifying areas of risk or tax saving opportunities, and setting you up for success.

Because businesses grow over time and legislative requirements change frequently, established businesses also need to keep a close eye on their financial structure to avoid problems. Regular reviews of your business structure ensure that your legal obligations are met, and your assets are protected, even if your business changes significantly.

Simple, clear, effective

At Thrive CA, we love getting into the intricate details of finances and taxes, but we know most people feel differently. We strive to make your finances simple, clear, and easy to manage, whether you’re interested or not.

Our Business Structuring service is no different. We start by investigating your existing structure and documenting the details – including interests, assets, financial statements, trust deeds, and any other relevant paperwork. From there, we’ll discuss your goals and the potential outcomes associated with your financial decisions. We’ll document the details of your new structure, work with your lawyer to put new elements in place, and write up a proposal for ongoing work if needed.

Knowing that your financial set up is appropriate, legal, and well-documented gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on building – or growing – your business.

Want to structure your business for success? Talk to the Thrive CA team now.